Port Wine Removal

Lighten or remove unsightly port wine stains.  One in ten children are born with a vascular birthmark. Of these, one in 100 will require medical intervention. Port Wine Stains are a vascular malformation that is present at birth. These birthmarks will worsen over time and can develop a purple and coppery color with dermal thickening and nodular elevations. With the latest in laser treatment for these vascular anomalies, a gradual lightening of the birthmark will occur over time.  Depending on the severity of the Port Wine Stain, several treatments are usually required and are administered approximately once a month.  Dr. Trimas will develop a treatment plan specially tailored to your individual needs during your initial consultation.   A topical anesthetic can be applied before the session to reduce any mild discomfort. After the treatment you may experience a minor burning sensation that may last up to several hours, and a slight crusting on the skin for approximately one week after the treatment. You may resume all normal activities immediately.